Customer Experience Improvement Strategy

Our strategy to focus on customers

We are responsible for providing more than 150 different services to people who live and work in our municipality, or visit Boroondara for a range of reasons.

Our goal is for all customers to be able to use our services, facilities and products with ease, feel well informed about what we do, and to actively participate in our community.

Customer Experience Improvement Strategy

To set out our vision, in 2014 we developed the Customer Experience Improvement Strategy.

Based on research with customers, this identified how we engage with our community over the following 5 to 10 years.

Whether you visit us in person, speak with us on the phone, write us a letter or email, or use our online channels, we want to make the experience consistently easy and consistently positive.

Boroondara Customer First program and projects

The Boroondara Customer First program (which has now evolved into Transforming Boroondara) was set up to deliver a suite of projects to realise our vision, from a new website in mid-2017 to cultural change activities for our employees.

These projects created a strong foundation for further work throughout 2018 and beyond. You can see the latest on this program on the Transforming Boroondara page.

Download the Boroondara Customer Experience Improvement Strategy in full.

Or read the web version, below.