We know working 9am-5pm doesn’t suit everyone and that balancing home and work life is vital for the health and wellbeing of our workforce. That's why we're so passionate about our flexible working policy.

It simply makes sense to be flexible.

Our flexible working arrangements are open to everyone and are considered against the responsibilities of each role. While not all arrangements suit all roles, we consider an individual's needs and work with them to help achieve a balance between home and work.

Two of our more popular arrangements are a rostered day off (RDO) once a month and flexible start and finish times. Our staff travel from all over suburban and rural Melbourne and many find life easier when they can alter their start and finish times to avoid the peak hour rush.

I normally start earlier in the day to allow me to avoid the traffic and take my son to guitar lessons on Wednesdays after school. I can prioritise our family when they need me, and it also makes my commute workable so I can live in a beautiful semi-rural environment. 
- Bruce, Director Environment and Infrastructure

When a baby arrives or school holidays hit, parents need a greater degree of flexibility to take care of their family. Temporary reduced hours, working from home, purchased leave and leave without pay are valuable options when the demands of family life take priority.

"Having the opportunity to work part-time as a new mum is great. I'm working in a stimulating environment and doing what I love, but I also have the time to spend with my son and see him develop. This arrangement allows me to have a good balance between work and family life."
- Suyin, Senior Graphic Designer

Whether you have a family, are studying or pursuing a passion outside of work, commute to work or do one of a myriad other activities that make your life much richer, we're committed to making work-life balance a reality for you.

"Having the choice of flexible working arrangements prior to my exam period allowed me to start earlier and leave earlier when I needed to go to class. During my final semester at university, I was able to use the Study Assistance Program to help me balance full-time work and my exams."
- Bianca, People, Culture and Development Support Officer

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