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Mon 14 November 2022

Video outlining our strategic blueprint.

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Our community's vision for Boroondara is a sustainable and inclusive city.

We believe council plays a significant role in securing this vision and shaping our community's future.

We are all part of one team working together to deliver community priorities and place the customer at the centre of everything we do.

We provide more than 75 services to people who live and work in our city.

Understanding the many interrelated activities, programs and initiatives that support our community's vision is an important part in becoming a more customer-centric organisation.

Our strategic blueprint incorporates three critical frameworks: our values, optimized customer experiences and future directions shaped by the diverse views of our community members.

The Boroondara Community Plan is the Council's key strategic document.

It ensures we can deliver on the priorities our community told us are most important to them and tells us what actions we can take to make that vision a reality.

The Customer Experience Strategy guides us in how we will improve our customers' experience.

We want to make sure interactions with us are easy and positive by delivering seamless, convenient and empowering experiences for all.

Our values stand at the core of everything we do. 

They define who we are and the choices we make.

Living these values every day means that Boroondara is a great place for us all to work as we strive to make a positive difference for our community.

We are here to deliver on our community vision and place the customer at the centre and in doing so we can be our best and enjoy our work.

Whether you work as a field officer in Civic Services, Governance Administration, are a nurse, a librarian or part of the waste crew, we can all achieve our community's vision together.