Getting around Boroondara

Strategic objectives

Travel options that are connected, safe, accessible, environmentally sustainable and well-designed.

Key figures

  • ($3.4) million net operating cost
  • 567 kilometres of local roads 
  • 229 traffic counts and surveys


Advocacy regarding the North East Link Project


Advocate for the needs of the Boroondara community in relation to the North East Link Project.

Project Overview

The North East Link is a proposed freeway standard road linking the Metropolitan Ring Road (M80) to the Eastern Freeway at Bulleen Road.

The North East Link is the largest construction project in the history of Victoria, with an estimated cost of $16 billion.

The Victorian Government’s preferred option for the North East Link is corridor Option A, which has a direct impact on the Boroondara community.  

We will continue to advocate on behalf of our community to minimise and remove the adverse impacts on our community as a result of the North East Link.

Project Aims

Our aim is to continue to advocate to the Victorian Government and North East Link Project to ensure the needs of our community are considered in the planning, design and delivery of the North East Link.

These needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the loss of public open space.
  • Reducing the width of the Eastern Freeway expansion.
  • Reducing the bulk and height of the Eastern Freeway, Bulleen Road and North East Link interchange.
  • Reducing to zero (if possible) the tree and vegetation loss caused by the North East Link. 

We have worked closely with residents and organised community groups, with the aim of hearing their concerns in order to advocate on their behalf, and keeping them informed about the project.

Project Outcomes

Feedback received from the community has informed our advocacy focus and legal efforts. 

Our activities to date include:

  • Forming an alliance with Banyule and Whitehorse councils to share a legal team and information about the North East Link. 
  • Attendance and representation at the Inquiry and Advisory Committee Panel Hearing held in July, August and September 2019.
  • Following the Panel Hearing, commencement of legal proceedings in the Supreme Court to challenge the Minister for Planning’s decisions about the North East Link. 

We will continue to advocate for the best outcomes for the Boroondara community in relation to the North East Link Project.

Summary of other Achievements

  • Implementation of actions from the Road Safety Strategy to improve road safety for all road users. 
  • Improvements made to traffic counter data collection, to allow for easy storage in Council's corporate systems, which has resulted in significant time savings. 

Community satisfaction with sealed local roads

Bar graph: 2015-16: 73%; 2016-17: 71%; 2017-18: 73%; 2018-19: 71%; 2019-20: 72%

Number of traffic counts and surveys

Bar graph: 2015-16: 195; 2016-17: 159; 2017-18: 168; 2018-19: 196; 2019-20: 229