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In 2022 Victoria Police recorded 5,589 criminal incidents that took place in Boroondara. This was the fourth lowest criminal incident rate per capita of all metropolitan Melbourne local government areas. Boroondara’s criminal incident rate has been considerably lower than Victoria’s for at least the last 10 years (Figure 1).   

Figure 1 is a line chart which shows that between 2013 and 2022 the criminal incident rate in Boroondara has ranged from a low of 3125 in 2018 to a high of 3983 in 2016. The 2022 rate was 3319. Victoria's rate has been considerably higher than Boroondara's for the whole period, ranging from a low of 5307 in 2022 to a high of 6797 in 2016.

Figure 1: Boroondara has fewer criminal incidents per 100,000 population than Victoria but the Victorian rate dropped closer to the Boroondara rate in 2021 and 2022.  

Most recorded criminal incidents in Boroondara are property and deception incidents (Figure 2). The most frequently recorded criminal incident subgroup in Boroondara in 2022 was steal from a motor vehicle (Figure 3). This is a property and deception offence.

Chart which shows that 4174 of the total recorded criminal incidents in Boroondara during 2022 were property and deception crimes: 725 were crimes against the person, 436 were justice procedures crimes, 146 were public order crimes, 100 were drug crimes and 9 were other crimes.

Figure 2: Most criminal incidents in Boroondara during 2022 were property and deception incidents.  

Bar chart which shows the top 10 most frequently recorded offence subgroups for criminal incidents recorded in Boroondara during 2022. The most frequent was stealing from a motor vehicle, with 1197 incidents. Next was "other theft" and residential non-aggravated burglary, with 586 and 522 incidents respectively. Next were criminal damage, steal from a retail store and obtain benefit by deception with 373, 334 and 311 incidents respectively. There were 205 non-residential non-aggravated burglaries and all ot

Figure 3: The most frequently recorded offence subgroup in Boroondara in 2022, by a large margin, was theft from a motor vehicle. Of the 10 most frequently recorded incidents, all except breaching a family violence order were property and deception offences. 

Offence type by region

The tables below show criminal incidents per 100,000 residents in 2022. They include Boroondara’s criminal incident rate against the Victorian rate and the average rate for the 7 local government areas (LGAs) of the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR), which includes:

  • Boroondara
  • Knox
  • Manningham
  • Maroondah
  • Monash
  • Whitehorse
  • Yarra Ranges.

Boroondara has a lower rate than the EMR average and the Victorian rate for most crimes. Boroondara had a higher rate than the EMR average for three crime categories with low overall incidence (for example, public nuisance) and 2 categories of property crime (theft and burglary/break and enter).

Violent offences

Offence typeBoroondaraEMR LGA averageVictoria
Assault          252 392 647
Sexual offences    78118139
Blackmail and extortion1077
Stalking and threat            5775121
Dangerous and negligent behaviour         18 31  65
Total violent offences          4306431,017

Crimes against property

Offence typeBoroondaraEMR LGA averageVictoria
Property damage278292489
Burglary/break and enter    536385458
Theft           14461233 1715
Deception          206224  274
Total crimes against property offences           2,479 2,1512,965

Drug offences

Offence typeBoroondaraEMR LGA averageVictoria
Drug dealing and trafficking     14   24    37
Cultivate or manufacture drugs 82022
Drug use and possession 38107155
Total drug offences60151214

Public order and security

Offence typeBoroondaraEMR LGA averageVictoria
Weapons and explosives3376136
Disorderly and offensive conduct274199
Public nuisance242132
Public security 211
Total public order and security offences86139268

Justice procedures

Offence typeBoroondaraEMR LGA averageVictoria
Justice procedures 3362120
Breaches of orders 226447710
Total justice procedures offences259509830

Other offences

Offence typeBoroondaraEMR LGA averageVictoria
Transport regulation offences 223
Other government regulatory offences 112
Miscellaneous offences239
Total other offences 5614

Criminal incident data was sourced from the Crime Statistics Agency. For more information on recorded criminal offences, including postcode level crime statistics, see the Crime Statistics Agency. 

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