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The 2021 Census counted 167,900 people living in Boroondara at the time. 

Age profile

Relative to Greater Melbourne, Boroondara is home to a lower proportion of young children and people in their 30s. These two age groups often coincide as young families. Boroondara is home to a higher proportion of teenagers and people aged over 50. 

Median age

The median age of Boroondara residents varies across the municipality. This variation reflects the varying cohorts attracted by the services and housing stock available within each locality. 

For example, in the southwest of the municipality, much of Hawthorn and Hawthorn East have a low median age. These areas are attractive to young adults who want to be near to Swinburne University and these people are catered to with higher density housing options. 

Household type

The most common household type in Boroondara and across Greater Melbourne is that of a couple with one or more children, followed by lone person households and then couples without children. The remainder are one-parent families and other household types. 


Boroondara is forecast to grow by 1% per year between 2023 and 2033, when the population is forecast to reach 194,742. 

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