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It’s important to keep your pet registration details up to date if you move house or adopt a pet.

This can help us:

  • reunite lost pets with their owners
  • make sure we're charging you the correct renewal fees.

Update pet registration details

If your pet is already registered with the City of Boroondara, you can easily update your pet registration details online.

You can use this form to:

  • update your pet's address
  • update your contact details
  • let us know if your pet has passed away
  • let us know if your pet has been desexed
  • apply for a pensioner's concession
  • update your pet's name
  • request a replacement pet ID tag.

Update pet registration details

Transfer pet registration

If you have recently moved to the City of Boroondara, you can transfer your pet registration online.

If your pet is registered with another council in Victoria, we may be able to waive the fees. You will need to provide us with evidence of your current pet registration with the other council when completing our Transfer your pet registration form.

Use this form to transfer your pet’s registration if you:

  • have moved to the City of Boroondara
  • adopt a pet from someone who had the pet registered in their name.

Transfer your pet registration

You can also use this form to register your pet for the first time.

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