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You need Report and Consent to erect a hoarding over a street alignment.

If the hoarding projects more than 300mm beyond the allotment boundary or if it is erected onto a laneway, you also need to apply for a Road or Footpath Occupancy Permit from Council.

To apply, you need to provide:

  • Site plan showing the location and type of hoarding.
  • Full site plan showing the location and type of hoarding, width of footpaths and any street furniture.
  • Detailed architectural drawings of the hoarding or gantry (including section, elevations, standard details and fixing details).
  • A letter from the relevant building surveyor approving the proposed hoarding.
  • A Certificate of Currency showing public liability insurance. To apply for Report and Consent for a hoarding you need at least $5 million cover.

Complete the Application to Erect Hoardings Over a Street Alignment and submit the application, supporting documentation and fee to Council by email Council. The fee is $283.35.

You also need to pay an inspection fee of $152 per month. The minimum charge is 1 month’s inspection. The charge is based on the usual requirement for 1 inspection per month.

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