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When you’ve restored all Council assets, follow these steps to apply for your bond refund. Only the person or company who lodged the bond can apply.

Step 1. Check the condition of Council assets 

Council assets around your site must be restored to a satisfactory condition in accordance with your permit conditions. This includes:

  • removing rubbish, debris and building materials
  • repairing damage
  • levelling and seeding damaged naturestrips

If Council assets have been damaged during your works, you will need to repair them before applying for your bond refund.

You may need additional permits depending on the assets you need to repair.

Contact our Asset Protection team to discuss what permits you may need on 9278 4505.

Step 2. Apply for a bond refund

You can apply for an asset protection bond refund using our online form:

Apply for a bond refund

Step 3. Site inspection

We'll inspect your site to make sure Council assets are in a satisfactory condition.

No damage to Council assets

If there's no damage or the repairs are to our satisfaction, we'll refund the bond in full to the person or company who paid.

Damage to Council assets

We'll send you an email to explain which assets need repair and an approximate cost. Please note you may need additional permits before you can start repairs.

You can arrange for the repairs yourself or use your bond towards repairs organised by our team. If you use our services your bond might be more or less than the repair cost. If your bond amount is:

  • More than the repair cost, we'll refund you the difference.
  • Less than the repair cost, we'll invoice you for the additional amount.

When the repairs are complete, we'll do a final inspection of your site.

If Council assets are not repaired, we may issue you a fine.

Bond refund time and methods

It can take 4 to 8 weeks after the final inspection is completed for you to get your asset protection bond refund.

We will use your supplied details to refund your bond if you paid with cash, cheque or provided a credit card form. Any other refunds will use your bond payment method.

More information

For help or advice, contact our Asset Protection team on 9278 4505 or email [email protected]

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