How to register your pet

All dogs and cats over 3 months of age must be microchipped and registered with their local council.

If you are registering your pet for the first time, you can easily do this online.

If your pet has been desexed and microchipped, make sure you include evidence of this in your form.

Register your pet online

Restricted breeds

You can register a restricted breed dog under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956, but special conditions apply. Strict rules also apply for owning a dangerous dog. 

Visit our Restricted breeds page to find out more. 

Excess animals

There are limits to the number of pets you can keep on your property. You must apply for an Excess Animal permit before you can have more than the permitted number of animals at your property. 

Visit our Excess animal permit page to find out more. 

Annual pet registration fees


Type Standard rate Pensioner rate 
Desexed $40 $20
Not desexed $168 $84


Type Standard rate  Pensioner rate
Desexed $63 $31.50
Not desexed $207 $103.50

Additional discounts may apply to registration fees (e.g. guide dogs). This will be calculated based on the information and verified documentation you provide.

Discounts for desexed pets

A discounted registration fee applies if your pet is desexed. Update your pet registration details to let us know if your pet has been desexed. 

You will need to upload your pet’s desexing certificate from the vet or shelter, showing your pet's:

  • name
  • breed
  • microchip number. 

You may need to pay the full registration fee when you register your pet for the first time. If you don’t provide us with a copy of your receipt for a desexing period before your next renewal, you will need to pay full fees in the next renewal period.

Update pet registration details

Pet ID tags

We’ll post you a pet ID tag when your register a pet with us. 

All registered pets must wear a pet ID tag on their collar. This will help us contact you if your pet is lost.

You may be fined under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 if your pet doesn’t have their pet ID tag on.

Replace a lost pet ID tag

If you lose or damage your pet ID tag, you can order one online or contact us and we'll replace it free of charge.

Replace lost pet ID tag

More information

Visit our Domestic Animal Management Plan page to find out more about pet registration, dog attacks and other pet-related information. 

You can also call our Customer service team on (03) 9278 4444 or email [email protected].

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