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Council decision-making takes place in three formal forums.

  • Council meetings - the formal decision-making forum for all matters under Council's jurisdiction, by or under any Act or regulation. Chaired by the Mayor.
  • Services Special Committee - makes decisions on issues under any Act (other than the Planning and Environment Act and the Building Act), especially issues connected with human and physical services and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Urban Planning Special Committee - makes decisions on issues under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Building Act 1990. .

All meetings are held in the Council Chamber at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell and are open to the public.

For agendas and minutes from past and upcoming meetings this year, please see our meetings sections

All Councillors are members of the Special Committees.

Advisory Committees

In addition to the formal Council and Special Committee meetings, councillors are appointed annually to a range of assignments which support Council decision-making processes.  To assist with these processes the Council has in place a number of advisory committees.  

The purpose and membership structure of each Council Advisory Committee is set out in its terms of reference which are adopted by Council.  In addition to Councillors and staff, external advisory committees include representatives from relevant stakeholder or interest groups and where appropriate, representatives from the community.

The advisory committees established by Council are not decision-making bodies and do not carry executive authority which remains with Council and delegated officers.

Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee on behalf of Council is to oversee and monitor the effectiveness of Council in carrying out its responsibilities for accountable financial management, good corporate governance, maintaining a system of internal control and risk management and fostering an ethical environment.

The Audit Committee is usually closed to members of the public in accordance with section 89(2) of the Local Government Act 1989.

Presentations to committee meetings

You can make a submission about an agenda item, and personally address Councillors at the committee meetings. Submit a request form before the meeting at the registration desk outside the Council Chamber.

Public question time at Council meetings

Submit questions in writing before the meeting. You are encouraged to submit questions on the Thursday before the meeting date.


Petitions are presented to Council meetings for consideration by relevant directors.

Use the following guidelines for lodging a petition with Council.

For more information:

  • Local law on meeting procedures
  • phone: 9278 4471

Want to know more about how Council works?

Council has developed a series of short videos that will help you understand what happens at Council, Urban Planning Special Committee and Services Special Committee meetings.