JJ McMahon Memorial Kindergarten renewal

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We are renewing JJ McMahon Memorial Kindergarten in 2024 as part of our early childhood facility renewal program.

In the meantime, the kindergarten program has temporarily relocated to the former Balwyn Leisure Centre at 230 Balwyn Road in Balwyn North.


Works started in February 2024 and we anticipate the project will be completed in the second half of 2024. 

About the project

We have worked closely with the kindergarten’s committee of management, teachers, and staff to develop a design for a high quality early years facility. 

Works will include:

  • rebuilding the front playroom
  • refurbishing the rear playroom
  • a larger office to support the teaching team for planning
  • a combined staff and meeting room with a kitchen
  • a new shared children’s bathroom between the playrooms.

Tree works

The design and location of the renewed building allows us to retain a significant mature Oak tree. To allow adequate space to protect the tree’s root system, the building footprint will move forward slightly, and mean we need to remove a small Lilly Pilly tree and a medium-sized Liquidambar tree. 

To offset this, we will look at opportunities to plant new trees on Argyle Road, as there will be no space on site to replant these two trees. Tree protection fencing will be installed around all other trees in the construction zone.


Late 2022Consultation with the committee of management to inform our concept planCompleted
Early 2024Temporary kindergarten relocation to the former Balwyn Leisure CentreComplete
February 2024Renewal works beginIn progress
Second half 2024Project completedIncomplete

Contact us

For more information contact Loretta Pepper, Team Leader, Early Years Infrastructure, by email at [email protected] or call (03) 9278 4014.

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