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Report damage to or removal of a tree

Report damage to, or removal of, a tree on private or public land.

Certain trees in Boroondara are protected. These trees can be on private property or in public spaces such as naturestrips, streets and avenues, or parks and gardens. Find out if a tree is protected for more information.

If you believe a tree on private property is being damaged or removed illegally now, call our Statutory Planning team on 9278 4888 so we can investigate immediately.

When you call, we'll ask you if you have:

  • spoken to the property owner or person carrying out works
  • noticed the name of the company carrying out works
  • any photos of the works being carried out.

If you're concerned that a tree has been removed without permission, or has been deliberately or accidentally damaged, you can report it online.

Report tree damage or removal online

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