We are frequently asked for guidance on suitable trees to plant on private property in response to conditions of permits or of climate change.

The trees listed on this page have been selected because they:

  • are indigenous to Boroondara
  • contribute to the character and heritage of our streetscapes, or
  • are resilient to the potential impacts of climate change. 

Small trees

The small trees listed below generally grow less than 10 metres tall.

Genus speciesCommon nameSuitability
Arbutus unedoIrish strawberry treeHeritage
Brachychiton populneusKurrajongClimate resilience
Callistemon viminalis Weeping bottlebrushClimate resilience
Cercis canadensisEastern redbudHeritage
Cupaniopsis anacardioidesTuckerooClimate resilience
Eucalyptus paucifloraSnow gumHeritage
Eucalyptus torquataCoral gumClimate resilience
Fraxinus griffithiiEvergreen ashClimate resilience
Hakea francisianaGrass-leaved hakeaClimate resilience
Hakea laurinaPincushion hakeaHeritage
Hymenosporum flavumNative frangipaniClimate resilience
Koelreuteria paniculata Golden rain treeClimate resilience
Lagerstroemia indica x faurieiCrepe myrtleHeritage/Climate resilience
Magnolia soulangeanaSaucer magnoliaHeritage
Melaleuca ericifoliaSwamp paperbarkIndigenous
Melaleuca nesophilaShowy honey myrtleClimate resilience
Parrotia persicaPersion ironwoodHeritage
Pistacia chinensisChinese pistachioHeritage/Climate resilience
Prunus armeniacaApricotClimate resilience

Medium trees

The medium trees listed below generally grow 10 to 15 metres tall.

Genus speciesCommon nameSuitability
Acacia dealbataSilver wattleIndigenous
Acacia implexaLightwoodIndigenous/Climate resilience
Acacia mearnsiiBlack wattleIndigenous
Acacia melanoxylonBlackwoodIndigenous/Climate resilience
Acer rubrum Red mapleClimate resilience
Acer truncatum cultivarsShangtung mapleClimate resilience
Agonis flexuosaWillow myrtleClimate resilience
Allocasuarina torulosa Forest she-oakClimate resilience
Allocasuarina verticillataDrooping she-oakIndigenous/Climate resilience
Banksia marginataSilver banksiaIndigenous
Banksia serrataSaw banksiaClimate resilience
Brachychiton acerifolius Flame bottle treeClimate resilience
Buckinghamia celsissima Ivory-curl treeClimate resilience
Calodendrum capenseCape chestnutClimate resilience
Corymbia eximia  Yellow bloodwoodClimate resilience
Eucalyptus salmonophloiaSalmon gumClimate resilience
Jacaranda mimosifoliaJacarandaHeritage/Climate resilience
Melia azedarachWhite cedarClimate resilience
Quercus phellosWillow-leaved oakClimate resilience
Stenocarpus sinuatusFirewheel treeClimate resilience
Tristaniopsis laurinaWater gumHeritage/Climate resilience
Zelkova serrata Japanese elmHeritage/Climate resilience

Tall trees

The tall trees listed below generally grow taller than 15 metres.

Genus speciesCommon nameSuitability
Angophora costata Smooth-barked appleHeritage/Climate resilience
Banksia integrifoliaCoast banksiaClimate resilience
Brachychiton rupestris Queensland bottle treeClimate resilience
Casuarina cunninghamiana River oakClimate resilience
Cedrus atlantica ‘glauca’  Atlas cedarHeritage
Cedrus deodara Dodar cedarHeritage
Corymbia citriodora Lemon-scented gumClimate resilience
Corymbia ficifolia Flowering gumClimate resilience
Corymbia maculataSpotted gumClimate resilience
Eucalyptus camaldulensisRiver red gumHeritage/Climate resilience
Eucalyptus gomphocephalaTuartClimate resilience
Eucalyptus goniocalyxLong-leaved boxIndigenous
Eucalyptus leucoxylonYellow gumHeritage
Eucalyptus melliodoraYellow boxIndigenous
Eucalyptus sideroxylonRed ironbarkClimate resilience
Grevillea robusta Silky oakHeritage/Climate resilience
Liquidambar styracifluaSweet gumHeritage/Climate resilience
Lophostemon confertusQueensland brush boxHeritage/Climate resilience
Platanus orientalisOriental planeClimate resilience
Platanus x acerifolia London plane treeHeritage/Climate resilience
Quercus canariensisAlgerian oakHeritage
Quercus palustris Pin oakHeritage
Quercus roburEnglish oakHeritage
Taxodium distichumBald cypressClimate resilience
Ulmus parvifoliaChinese elmHeritage

More information

Note that some species listed in these tables have varieties that may be smaller or larger than indicated. 

We recommend planting trees at least one or 2 metres from property boundaries, easements, services and structures (including paving, buildings, driveways, fences and retaining walls).

We also recommend consulting your local nursery, landscape gardener or arborist about the suitability of specific trees for your property and the best way to plant and maintain them.

For more information call us on (03) 9278 4444 or email [email protected].

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