If you haven't had success talking to the dog owner or in mediation, we can help facilitate more formal action against the dog owner.

Before you contact us, please record 7 days of the dog's behaviour in our 7-day barking dog diary (DOCX, 21 KB), which you will need to attach to our online form.

It is very important to record the barking in detail before you contact us. We need evidence of the barking being a nuisance before we can become involved, and the diary will help us gauge the severity of the problem. We can't take any action until we receive a filled-out diary.

Download a 7-day barking dog diary (DOCX, 21 KB)

Lodging a complaint with Council

  1. Identify the correct address of the offending dog(s).
  2. Fill in a 7-day barking dog diary (DOCX, 21 KB) for at least 7 days before contacting Council.
  3. Fill in our online form, attaching the completed barking dog diary. An Animal Management Officer will then be in touch to discuss your complaint.

Please read our Making a further complaint page if you'd like to report additional problems with the same dog.

Please note: It's important to remember that barking is a normal behaviour for a dog. Expecting a dog to stop barking completely is unrealistic.

How we will investigate your report

We will appoint an Animal Management Officer to your case, who will contact you to:

  • clarify and/or confirm the information you have provided in the barking dog form
  • discuss the nuisance impact on you
  • take a detailed account of the issue to assess if a nuisance exists, as defined in the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

The officer will then send a letter to the dog owner advising them of the nuisance concern and giving them 21 days to rectify the issue.

If the issue does not resolve within this time, the officer will take a formal impact statement from you and assess whether a Notice to Abate can be issued. At this stage, you may be asked to continue to record barking events in a more detailed 14-day barking dog diary (PDF, 205 KB).

We may go out on location to verify that barking is consistent with your description and door knock or survey the area to establish if anyone else is affected by the barking. Legal action may be taken to remedy the issue and you may be required to continue to record barking events.

If we don't receive the required information or participation from witnesses, we may not be able to pursue the investigation.

Contact us

For further information, you can contact us on (03) 9278 4444.

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