You can book a bundled green waste collection twice a year, in April and October each year. Once you have booked, follow these steps ahead of your confirmed date.

We collect real Christmas trees throughout January. To book your collection, see our Book a green waste collection page. Bookings open in December. 

When to put out your bundled green waste

Place your waste out the night before, or at most, the weekend before your collection. This helps to keep your street tidy.

Where to put your bundled green waste

If you live in a house, put the waste on the naturestrip outside your house.

If you live in an apartment, put the waste:

  • on the naturestrip, keeping the footpath clear
  • if you don't have sufficient space on your naturestrip, ask your neighbour if you can use their naturestrip.

Make sure the footpath is kept clear for pedestrians, prams and wheelchairs and the waste can be easily accessed.

If possible, check there are no vehicles parked in front of your waste pile the night before the collection.

How much green waste you can put out

We can only collect green waste that doesn't exceed the following measurements:

  • maximum of 2 cubic metres
  • prunings and tree branches up to 75mm in diameter and 1.5m in length, securely tied in bundles of up to 300mm diameter
  • single tree limbs up to 200mm in diameter, free of branches and/or leaves
  • tree roots that can be lifted by one person.

If we can't collect an item because it's too big or heavy or is not accepted, we'll give you suggestions on how to dispose of it. It's your responsibility to remove any items not accepted so you don't get an EPA or Local Laws fine. Heavy fines may apply.

If people add to your green waste pile and you're worried about going over the maximum limit, you can report a problem or call us on 9278 4444.

How to bundle and stack green waste

For occupational health and safety and to keep our staff safe, it's essential that all green waste is securely tied with string or twine in bundles and neatly stacked.

We can't collect any waste in boxes or bags, or tied with wire, plastic string or ties, stockings or other non-organic materials.

To find out more about all our waste services, see our A to Z Recycling and Waste Guide (Area A) and A to Z Recycling and Waste Guide (Area B).

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