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Book a bundled green waste collection

You can book to have bundled green waste collected twice a year, in April and October, in addition to your fortnightly green waste bin collection.

We collect Christmas trees in January. We only collect real trees, as we mulch them to use in our parks and gardens. Bookings will open in December 2018, and can be made up until 2pm Friday for the following week's collection.

Collections will start on Wednesday 2 January and finish on Friday 1 February.

How to book

You need to book your bundled green waste collection by 2pm Friday for the following week's collection.

There are 2 ways you can book a bundled green waste or Christmas tree collection:

Book a collection online 

  • Call 9278 4444 between 8am and 5.15pm, Monday to Friday.

Bookings for Christmas tree collection open in December for collection in January. 

Once your collection day is confirmed, see prepare for a bundled green waste collection.

Please note: bundled green waste and Christmas trees aren’t collected on a fixed date, but will be collected sometime during the week of your booking.

What we collect in bundled green waste

  • Prunings and tree branches (up to 75mm in diameter and 1.5m in length, securely tied in bundles of up to 300mm diameter)
  • Single tree limbs, free of branches and/or leaves (up to 200mm in diameter, free of branches and/or leaves)
  • Tree roots that can be lifted by one person

It’s essential that all green waste is securely tied with string or twine in bundles and neatly stacked

What we don't collect in bundled green waste

  • Loose leaves, grass, weeds and soil
  • Rose bushes or thorny plants
  • Ivy, bamboo and palm trees or branches
  • Timber and tree stumps
  • Material containing wire or nails
  • Food waste
  • Grasses, weeds and flowers
  • Bark chips
  • Green waste that exceeds maximum measurements or is not bundled or tied properly.

We can't collect green waste in boxes or bags or tied with wire, plastic string or ties, stockings or other non-organic materials.

Other options for disposing of green waste

If you have used both your green waste collections for the year or you need to dispose of items that we don't collect, the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre accepts green waste.

For more information on all our waste and recycling services, see our A to Z Recycling and Waste Guide (Area A) or A to Z Recycling and Waste Guide (Area B). To find out which Area you live in, use the bin collection day search. You can also download our waste and recycling app.

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