We'll repair your household waste, food organics and garden organics (FOGO), recycling or green waste bin if it's been damaged. If it can't be repaired or has been stolen or lost, we'll replace it on your next collection day. We will also provide you with missing FOGO equipment if it hasn't been delivered.

Report a bin problem

Or call us on 9278 4444 between 8am and 5:15pm, Monday to Friday.

What happens next

    If your bin is damaged

    Put your bin out on your next collection day – leave it out until 5pm.

    We'll repair the bin or, if we can't find it or fix it on the spot, we'll come back on your next collection day. Allow up to 2 collection cycles for your bin to be repaired.

    If we can't repair your bin, we'll replace it.

    If your bin is missing

    We'll deliver a replacement bin within 2 business days. Your new bin will be the same size as the bin that's registered to your property.

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