Every residential property in Boroondara is provided with one Council 80L or 120L household waste bin. Each rubbish bin has a serial number linked to the property address.

The 2018-19 annual fees are $220 for an 80L bin and $401 for a 120L.

You can order a 240L bin under exceptional circumstances, such as for families of 4 or more or if needed for medical reasons. Commercial premises can also have 240L garbage bins.

If you would like to downgrade to a smaller bin, please contact Customer Service on 9278 4444 and we will organise it for you.

Your household waste bin and recycling bin are collected on the same day each week.

Collected household waste is taken to the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre for sorting and then transferred to our contracted landfills.

If you are a new resident at a new property that doesn't have a household waste bin, you can contact us to a order one.

Council does not provide a bin service to vacant properties, or properties under construction. Please contact Council at the conclusion of construction, or once your Certificate of Occupancy has been obtained and your property is occupied.

What we collect

Household waste is anything that can't be:

Make sure all your household waste is securely stored in bags to prevent spillage during collection.

What we don't collect

Household waste can also be disposed of at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre (charges apply).

Put your bin out the night before your collection day:

  • on the naturestrip
  • close to your driveway
  • clear of all obstacles such as trees, poles and parked cars
  • with the bin handle facing your property.

To find out your bin collection day, enter your STREET NAME below.

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