Our food organics and garden organics (FOGO) bins are dark green with a lime green lid. FOGO bins are collected weekly.

Dark green bin with a lime green lid.

Find your bin day

See Find your bin day.

What we collect


We collect most garden waste, such as:

  • lawn clippings, weeds, leaves and prunings
  • twigs and branches up to 75mm in diameter, cut to fit in the bin
  • Please keep garden waste loose and not bagged.

Paper and cardboard

Clean and dry paper and cardboard should go into your recycling bin. You can place most soiled cardboard and paper waste into the FOGO bin, including: 

  • newspaper
  • tissues
  • wet and oily paper or cardboard


We collect most food waste, including:

  • fruit and vegetables - cooked or raw
  • meat and seafood - cooked or raw (excluding cooked bones and oyster shells)
  • dairy products
  • eggs and egg shells
  • bread and cakes
  • rice and pasta 
  • loose tea leaves and coffee grounds (excluding tea bags and coffee pods)
  • spoiled food

What we do not collect

If your FOGO bin contains items that we cannot process, it could result in the entire truckload going to landfill.

These are the top items that should not be placed in your FOGO bin:

  • plastics (of any kind)
  • any other type of bag/liner (only use our approved compostable liners or newspaper/paper)
  • medical waste
  • nappies
  • pet poo and litter
  • glass
  • bricks, rocks and concrete
  • stickers on fruit and vegetable
  • cooked bones
  • tea bags
  • coffee pods. 

A to Z recycling and waste guide

For a detailed list of items and which bin to put them in, see our A to Z recycling and waste guide.

Download our bin room poster for apartments and units

FOGO caddy liners

You can use compostable caddy liners to collect food waste provided they meet the following requirements.

If you use the wrong kind of liner or a plastic bag you will contaminate your FOGO material.

Caddy liner requirements

Caddy liners must meet all of these specifications:

  • lime/light green in colour (no other colours accepted!)
  • labelled as 'compostable'
  • made from 100% corn starch
  • display both AS5810 and AS4736 codes
AS 5810 and AS 4736 logos


Examples of accepted liners

You can buy compostable kitchen caddy liners from supermarkets, hardware stores or online. Below are some examples of products that meet requirements:

Caddy liner alternatives

  • line your kitchen caddy with a paper bag, newspaper or paper towel
  • use no liner

Council-issued caddy liners 

We are issuing a complimentary roll of liners to residents who:

  • live in a standalone house or a unit in a block of up to 3 properties
  • started FOGO in May 2020

Collecting your complimentary liners

You can collect a roll of Council-issued liners from Monday 29 March 2021 until Thursday 30 September 2021 from one of the locations listed below

You must present a Liner Collection Token. You can find your token on page 3 of the printed edition of the April 2021 Boroondara Bulletin, which will be delivered to residential properties between Monday 29 March and Sunday 11 April 2021.

A limit of one roll per household applies.

Collection locations

Present your Liner Collection Token at one of the following locations to claim your roll of liners: 

If you are unable to collect your liners due to extenuating personal circumstances, call us on 9278 4444 to arrange a delivery.

Units and apartments of 4 or more properties

Units and apartments who commenced with the FOGO service between late 2020 and early 2021 will be eligible to collect another roll of council-issued liners after November 2021. We will notify you closer to the time on how to collect these. 

Bin sizes and fees

Size Height One-off fee
120 L 92cm Free
240 L 107cm

Upgrade from a 120 L bin $132

Order a second 240 L bin $132

How to order a new bin

If you live in an apartment or unit complex with 7 or more dwellings, you can order a new FOGO bin through your body corporate or managing agent.

If you are a new resident at a new property that doesn't have a FOGO bin, contact us to order one.

Report a missing FOGO bin or caddy

If your bin was damaged or is missing, you can report it online.

Order a second or larger FOGO bin

Download the form below and return it to us.

More information

To learn more about how our FOGO collection works, see our FOGO information page.

For more information, contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] or on 9278 4444.

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