Foxes are declared a pest animal under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. Under this law, you are legally responsible to prevent the spread of and, as far as possible, remove foxes from your property.

To discourage foxes from your property:

  • don’t leave pet food in outdoor areas 
  • clean up fallen fruit from trees
  • use a compost bin or cover your compost heap
  • keep chickens and guinea pigs in secure, roofed coops
  • don’t leave objects for foxes to climb over onto neighbouring properties
  • restrict access to underneath the house 

Wild populations of the red fox have been present in inner Melbourne since the 1930s and have adapted to become an established part of suburbia.

They prey on small mammals, with a mature fox capable of killing up to 3000 native animals a year. They also scavenge for carrion, fruit and food scraps.

Foxes can roam a ten kilometres range and will use multiple dens at different times in their lives. Because of this, it’s not possible to associate an incident with an individual den or fox.

Foxes are timid and will flee when disturbed. They are not associated with transmission of disease in humans and do not present a significant public health issue.

Council doesn't provide any direct services to prevent, manage or remove foxes on your property. For more information on fox control, visit the Agriculture Victoria website.