European wasps

European wasps are around 20mm in length.

Their nests look like grey cardboard and are about the size of a football.

They can build nests:

  • underground
  • in trees
  • in the walls of houses.
Only licensed pest controllers should destroy or remove wasp nests. For help finding a licensed pest controller, visit Better Health Channel pest control page.

Wasps can be aggressive when attacked and sting repeatedly. Their nests can have several thousand wasps.


Bees are slightly smaller than wasps.

They are less aggressive and usually only sting in self-defence.

Bees travel in swarms and often stay in an area only 1 or 2 days before moving on.

A swarm can be collected by an apiarist when it has settled.

Report a beehive or wasp nest on Council land

You can report beehives or wasps if they are on Council land.

This includes parks, gardens, sportsgrounds, nature strips or Council buildings.

We'll organise someone to remove them.

Use our online form:

Report bees or wasps online

After you report bees or wasps, we will:

  • email you to confirm we have received your submission
  • contact you for more information, if required.

If you see a beehive or wasp nest on a power pole, contact Ausnet Services on 13 17 99.

Beehives and wasps on private property

You are responsible for beehives or wasp nests on your property.

You should contact a licensed pest controller to remove them.

If a neighbouring property has a beehive or wasp nest you should talk to the property owner.

For advice on approaching your neighbour, visit Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

If your neighbour is beekeeping there are strict guidelines they must follow. For more information, visit Agriculture Victoria.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can use our online form above to report bees or wasps.

This includes if your neighbour:

  • doesn't organise to remove the wasp nest or beehive
  • is not keeping the bees according to regulations.

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