About mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are bloodsucking flying insects that bite. They can give diseases to people and animals.

Some of these diseases include:

  • Dengue fever
  • Australian encephalitis
  • Ross River virus
  • Barmah Forest virus
  • Buruli ulcer.

Getting malaria from mosquito bite is rare in Australia. Biting mosquitoes can make your outdoor activities unpleasant.

We don't provide any services for removing or managing mosquitoes on your property. For help finding a licensed pest controller, visit Better Health Channel's pest control page

Avoid mosquito bites

To avoid mosquito bites, you can:

  • wear long, loose-fitting clothes
  • cover up as much as possible
  • use a mosquito repellent on all exposed skin
  • stop mosquitoes breeding around your own home
  • install fly screens on windows and doors
  • use mosquito coils or insecticide candles in small, outdoor areas.

Control mosquitoes in your home

Mosquitoes are attracted to water.

You can prevent mosquitoes breeding around your home by:

  • cleaning up your yard, including lawns and gardens
  • removing or covering areas where water can collect
  • cleaning gutters and drains so water runs freely
  • fixing leaky taps
  • changing the water in pets' water bowls, bird baths and vases at least once a week
  • putting sand around the base of pot plants
  • emptying water from the base of pot plants to stop stagnant water pooling
  • maintaining or covering swimming pools when not in use
  • keeping fish ponds tidy
  • placing lids or screens on water tanks or collection containers.

Mosquitoes on neighbouring properties

If you see a mosquito problem on a neighbouring property, you should speak to the owner of the property.

For advice on approaching your neighbour, visit the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

If the property owner doesn't organise to remove the mosquitoes you can contact us:

More information

For more information on controlling mosquitoes and preventing diseases visit Better Health Channel beat the bite page.

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