All food businesses in the City of Boroondara must be registered by Council and abide by strict food preparation and safety laws.

If you're concerned about the hygiene and safety standards of a particular food business in Boroondara or you have suspected food poisoning, you can make a complaint and we'll investigate.

You can make a complaint about a food business if you:

  • think you have suffered an illness as a result of consuming food purchased from their premises, such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea or vomiting
  • have found a foreign object (for example, glass or an insect) in food purchased from their premises
  • have concerns about poor food preparation, handling, or display practices at their premises
  • have concerns about the cleanliness of their premises.

Make a food complaint

There are 3 ways you can report suspected food poisoning, report a foreign object found in food, or make a complaint about poor food safety practices or cleanliness at a food business in Boroondara.

Make a food complaint online

To help us investigate suspected food poisoning, you'll need to tell us:

  • what food you purchased
  • where and when you purchased the food (date and time)
  • what time you consumed the food (date and time)
  • when the illness started (date and time)
  • whether anyone else who ate the same food experienced similar symptoms.

It's also helpful if you:

  • write down everything you consumed in the 3 days before the onset of symptoms
  • if possible, keep any remaining suspect food or packaging in the fridge.

We recommend that you see your doctor, who may suggest a faecal test. Tests on a faecal sample can help indicate what made you sick and can assist the investigation.

It's important to note that food poisoning can often be as a result of anything eaten in the 3 days before symptoms begin, so it may not be caused by the most recent meal you ate.

For more information on food businesses, food laws, and the registration process, see our Food businesses page. To find out more about food poisoning, see the Better Health Channel website.