About our Procurement Policy

Our Procurement Policy is our overarching policy for the procurement of goods, services and works completed in the City of Boroondara. It outlines our commitment to achieving good environmental, social, ethical and local outcomes for our community. It’s also in line with the Local Government Act 2020 (Vic).

Our Procurement Policy aims to: 

  • promote open and fair competition
  • provide value for money
  • guide our procurement actions
  • make sure our procurement process is followed every time
  • show how we stay accountable to rate payers
  • support ethical behaviours
  • make sure our procurement process is in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability
  • give us the best chance of getting a good outcome for our community.

Our Procurement Policy outlines our guiding principles, including: 

  • open and fair competition – all potential suppliers are treated the same
  • value for money – we don’t just look for the lowest price
  • risk management – how we prepare for, respond to and recover from risks
  • accountability – everyone involved in the procurement process must understand their obligations and responsibilities
  • probity – a process with integrity, fairness and honesty
  • transparency – we keep the procurement process open and accountable
  • sustainable and social procurement objectives.

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