Your feedback is crucial when we consider whether a property or precinct in Boroondara should be protected for its heritage value.

Well-prepared, timely feedback from property owners and other community members helps us to accurately assess the heritage value of a place and decide whether to include a property in the Heritage Overlay. Your feedback also helps us to ensure that the heritage assessment and information about a property or precinct is correct.

There are several opportunities to provide feedback on a place's heritage value and its protection, including:

  • preliminary consultation on a draft heritage study, to help us determine whether to adopt the study and commence an amendment to the Boroondara Planning Scheme
  • statutory public exhibition of an amendment to help us gauge whether the public supports the proposed Heritage Overlay changes.

For details on consultation steps, see our Heritage Overlay process page.

Providing feedback on a Heritage study, citation or planning scheme amendment

Step 1: read the consultation announcement and supporting documents

Before a public consultation, we write to affected property owners and occupiers, notifying them of the study, citation or amendment details and dates for providing feedback.

We also encourage feedback from the public by announcing the consultation on our website and other communication channels.

Before providing your feedback, you should:

  • read the letter or announcement.
  • read the heritage citation, study or amendment details on our website. The letter or announcement will provide a link to the relevant page.
  • consider whether you are affected by the study or amendment and how this affect you.
  • take note of the consultation closing date.

Step 2: prepare your feedback carefully

At minimum, you need to state whether you support or object to the study, citation or amendment.

We suggest that you provide detailed reasons for your support or objection.

To strengthen your feedback, you should:

When you read through the heritage citation and write your feedback, you should:

  • look at the heritage assessment criteria set out in the heritage citation and explain why you believe the property or precinct does or does not meet the relevant criteria.
  • refer to the citation’s history and description details to support your view and identify any inconsistencies, errors or gaps of which you may be aware.
  • provide detail on any alterations or additions to a property that may impact its heritage significance, and that may not have been noted in the heritage citation.

It is important to note that we cannot consider the following matters when we determine whether to include a property in the Heritage Overlay:

  • The potential impact on property value. The application of the Heritage Overlay is principally based on the heritage significance of the property or precinct and the need to protect the heritage place.
  • A property owner’s ability to undertake alterations and additions to a home.

The location of a property or precinct in an area zoned for commercial use or higher density development generally does not diminish a place's heritage value.

Step 3: submit your feedback

For your feedback to be considered, you need to submit it to us in writing before the feedback closing date, as stated on the consultation announcement or notification letter.

Include any documentation, photographs and plans that might support your submission.

Contact information

For queries about providing feedback on heritage matters, you can email [email protected], or you can call us on (03) 9278 4815.

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