The Municipal Wide Heritage Gap Study (MWHGS) is a proactive work program to identify and protect valued heritage properties. It does so by including properties and and precincts in the Heritage Overlay.

    The Heritage Overlay is the mechanism which allows Council to protect heritage places of local significance.

    Including properties and precincts in the Heritage Overlay will trigger planning permit requirements, from demolition and alterations to additions and new buildings.

    The study has two components:

    • a street-by-street assessment of properties not currently included in the Heritage Overlay
    • implementation of heritage controls to properties recommended for heritage protection by the assessment.

    This Study is informed by priorities of the Heritage Action Plan 2016 that sets out our forward work program for heritage matters.

    Council’s decision to appoint the consultants can be found in the Council Meeting Agenda 25 July 2016 (PDF).


    Current status

    Council is progressing the individual suburb assessments in accordance with the above priorities. The current status of each suburb assessment will be updated progressively. A link to a specific suburb web page will be activated and updated as the assessments progress.

    How to get involved

    As part of the draft suburb assessments, Council will carry out preliminary consultation with each study area including any affected property owners and occupiers of land nominated for inclusion in a Heritage Overlay. Local historical societies and other stakeholders will also be notified of the Study.

    Further opportunities will be provided to give feedback as Council progresses the introduction of heritage controls to properties identified in the Study. Affected property owners and occupiers, stakeholders and anyone who has provided feedback on the Study as it is being progressed will be invited (in writing) to give feedback to Council  at various stages in the process should they wish to voice their support or objection  to the project.

    Contact us

    For more information contact the Strategic Planning Department at [email protected] or call (03) 9278 4815.

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