If you have applied for Report and Consent, you can choose whether to:

  • collect comments from adjoining property owners yourself, or
  • ask Council to perform this task (for a fee).

Evaluation of adjoining property owner comments is governed by the Minister's Guideline MG12 2006.

Collecting and submitting comments

We provide 3 forms for collecting comments.


When to use this form

Adjoining owner comment form: street and side boundary setbacks

Distance from a street or boundary

To confirm the neighbour is aware you are proposing changes to your property's distance from a street or boundary that vary from the Siting Provisions of the Building Regulations 2018.

To submit a neighbour’s comments about proposed changes in your property’s distance from the street or boundary.

Adjoining owner comment form: daylight, overlooking, overshadowing

Overlooking and overshadowing

To confirm the neighbour is aware that your plans vary from daylight, overlooking and overshadowing requirements.

To submit a neighbour’s comments about how the proposal will impact their privacy and the light their property receives.

Adjoining owner comment form: fences

Fences (front, side or rear)

To confirm the neighbour is aware that you are planning changes to fencing that vary from requirements in Boroondara.

To submit a neighbour’s comments about how the proposed changes to fencing impact their property.

To submit the comments:

  1. Download the Adjoining Owner Comments form relevant to your proposal.
  2. Give the forms to the adjoining property owner(s) so they can enter comments and other information.     
  3. Ask the adjoining owner to sign each form and each relevant plan.
  4. Lodge the forms with Council.

Assessing the comments

When we assess your Report and Consent application, we consider and evaluate the adjoining property owners’ concerns.

We only take note of comments that are relevant to the Report and Consent decision. Concerns such as blocking of views and possible reduction in property price are not considered a detrimental impact.

Adjoining owners who were asked to provide comments, and did not provide comments within 10 business days, are considered supportive.

If we receive non-supportive comments and still consent to the proposal, we will inform the potentially affected adjoining property owners who opposed the proposal of our final decision.

Further information

For more information, email Building Services or call 9278 4999.

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