You need Report and Consent for:

  • projections beyond street alignment
  • a structure above a public facility, or
  • a structure below a public facility.

These proposals are all categorised as non-siting matters.

  1. To apply, you need to provide:
  • Certificate of Title with a plan of the subdivision. You can get this using the Landata website.
  • Covering letter clearly explaining why your proposal does not comply with siting requirements.
  • Plans for the proposal, indicating the length of projection over the allotment boundary and height above footpath (if applicable).

2. Complete the Application for Council Consent: Non-Siting Matters and submit it to Council with supporting documentation and the fee. The fee is $294.70.

Learn about Report and Consent for other non-siting matters.

Further information

For more information, email Building Services or call 9278 4999.

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