Stage 1: Before you begin

Before you apply for Report and Consent, confirm that you have a strong case for not complying with siting requirements. To do this, we recommend you:

  • consult an architect or building designer to provide design advice
  • talk to your neighbours about your design plans
  • discuss the design with Council's Building Services team.

Stage 2: Apply for Report and Consent

Provide the following:

  • Certificate of Title with a plan of the subdivision. You can get this using the Landata website.
  • Covering letter clearly explaining why your proposal does not comply with siting requirements and whether the proposal meets the Minister's Guidelines MG12.

Complete the Application for Report and Consent for Siting Matters.

Lodge the application form and supporting documentation with Council.

The fee for 2021-22 is $294.70 per regulation.

The application is registered and allocated to the Report and Consent Unit for processing.

Email your application and all supporting documents to [email protected]

    Stage 3: Respond to requests for further information

    If we need any additional details, we'll ask within 15 business days of receiving your application.

    Your application will be put on hold until this information is received (generally up to a period of 3 months). 

    We may also need to discuss the Report and Consent application with internal departments if the proposed design is likely to impact vegetation or street assets, for example, significant trees or crossovers (driveways).

    Stage 4: Site visits by Council officers

    We thoroughly assess the application and plans in accordance with the Minister's Guidelines. As part of this process, we visit the site, take photographs and measurements, and assess the streetscape and the potential impact on adjoining properties.

    Stage 5: Consult the owners of adjoining properties

    The process of collecting comments from the adjoining property owners is carried out either by Council (for a fee) or by the applicant.

    Find out how to collect and submit comments from adjoining property and how these comments are evaluated by Council.

    We encourage adjoining property owners to discuss the application with Building Services staff if they need clarification on the proposed design or on any other regulatory or technical matters.

    Stage 6: Attend mediation, if needed

    Our Building Services team may act as mediators between the applicant and potentially affected adjoining property owners.

    The aim of mediation is to discuss the impact of the siting variations, negotiate and achieve a desirable outcome. Mediation may be carried out individually or in a group.

    Stage 7: Council makes a decision

    After assessing the Report and Consent application, Council will:

    • approve the application, or
    • approve the application with recommendations, or
    • refuse the application.

    Appealing a Report and Consent decision

    If you wish to dispute Council's decision, you have 30 business days to lodge an appeal with the Building Appeals Board. The decision of the Building Appeals Board is final.

    If an adjoining property owner objects to an application, they are invited to attend as Council's witness at the Building Appeals Board hearing.

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