You need Report and Consent for demolition if your proposal includes demolishing:

  • 100 per cent of a building
  • more than half of the volume of the original building over a 3-year time period, or
  • any part of the façade of a building.

A facade is an external wall that faces a street or laneway. A facade may include architectural features attached to the wall, such as a veranda or balcony.

    If you are unsure whether you need Report and Consent, ask your building surveyor or email Building Services.

    Depending on your proposal, you may need other permits and approvals for your demolition project.

    To apply for Report and Consent for demolition, you need to be the owner or an authorised agent of the owner.

    1. You need to provide:

    • a brief written description of the proposal
    • the site plan, showing the structures to be demolished
      The site plan must be to scale with dimensions from the dwelling to the title boundaries. It must be visually clear and may be hand-drawn.
    • the Planning Permit number, where relevant
    • the building surveyor's details. 
    • a Certificate of Title with a plan of the subdivision showing the current owner. You can get the Certificate of Title using the Landata website.

    2. Complete the Application for Report and Consent on Proposed Demolition and submit to Council with any supporting documentation and the fee. The fee is $85.20.

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