Report and Consent is the process in which you seek approval from Council to proceed with building or construction works that may affect community assets, infrastructure or amenity.

Report and Consent applications are classified as either ‘siting’ or ‘non-siting’ matters, depending on the proposal.

If a Report and Consent matter affects your proposal, a building surveyor cannot issue a Building Permit until you obtain Report and Consent from Council.

Report and Consent for siting matters

The Siting Provisions of the Building Regulations 2018 of Victoria set design regulations for amenity impact, such as maximum height, minimum setbacks, overlooking and overshadowing.

If your proposal does not comply with the Siting Provisions, you must apply for Report and Consent for siting variations.

During the assessment process, you may need to seek comments from adjoining property owners. This can either be done by Council for a fee or by the applicant.

When assessing a Report and Consent application for siting matters, our Building Services may consult internal departments, such as Planning or Engineering. We may also consult external authorities who have a vested interest on part of a property where the building works is proposed, for example, Melbourne Water or VicRoads.

Building Services review the Report and Consent application, carry out a site inspection and assess the potential impact on the streetscape and adjoining properties before making a final decision.

If required, we mediate between the applicant and any potentially affected neighbours to achieve a favourable outcome for all parties involved.

If we approve the Report and Consent application, you can proceed to apply for a Building Permit.

If we refuse the Report and Consent application, you can:

  • revise the design to comply with the Building Regulations, or
  • appeal the Council's decision at the Building Appeals Board.

Report and Consent for non-siting matters

Certain proposals do not relate to the siting provisions, but may affect community assets, infrastructure or amenity.

The following don't relate to the siting provisions, but still require Report and Consent:

Further information

For more information, email Building Services or call (03) 9278 4999.

Visit the Demolish all or part of a building guide for more information about permits for demolition.

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