You need Report and Consent for:

  • building works that extend past a street alignment (the line between the street and the property boundary), such as windows, verandahs, awnings, service cabinet doors, and architectural features 
  • a structure above or below a public facility, such as a bridge between buildings and a car park under a street.

A public facility includes roads, footpaths, streets, laneways, parks and any public space. 

These are 'non-siting matters' that require Report and Consent. This is when your building plans meet the siting requirements of the Victorian Building Regulations 2018 but your works still affect community assets, infrastructure or amenity.

How to apply

Complete the Application for Report and Consent on Non-Siting Matters below. 

With your application include:

  • The Certificate of Title. To get the certificate visit the Landata website
  • A cover letter that explains why your proposal does not meet our siting requirements.
  • Plans for your proposal, showing the length of building works over the property boundary and height above footpath (if relevant).

Submit the form and supporting documents by email to [email protected] or to our council offices

We'll email you an invoice for the fee after you submit your application. The fee is $299.80.

Expect it to take 15 business days for us to assess your application. We will refer your application to our Asset Management team or the relevant authority, such as VicRoads. 

Download application for Report and Consent on Non-Siting Matters

More information

For more information email [email protected] or call (03) 9278 4999.

Learn more about non-siting matters on our Understand Report and Consent page

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