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You need to apply for an Asset Protection Permit for some building works to make sure:

  • public assets or infrastructure, such as footpaths, vehicular crossings, kerbs, channels, drains, roads and laneways, are not damaged during the works
  • the safety of anyone who lives near or passes the building site.

To find out if you need a permit, you, your builder or the appointed building surveyor is required to contact Council 21 days before starting works.

We assess whether you need a permit based on:

  • risk to our assets
  • current condition of assets nearby.

Works should not commence without either a permit or advice from Council that the works are low-risk.

If you’re unsure whether you need a permit, contact our Asset Protection team on email Asset Protection or 9278 4505.

How to apply

Step 1: Submit your application

Download and complete the Application for an Asset Protection Permit and submit to Council offices.

With your application, you'll need to provide (if applicable):

  • the current postal address of the owner or agent and an email address to send the permit
  • if you’re applying as an agent, a signed authorisation that the owner has consented to the application
  • a description of the proposed building work, including the cost.

An application fee and a security bond applies.

Your application will take up to 10 business days to be assessed.

Step 2: Site inspection

We conduct an inspection of public-owned land adjoining the property.

Step 3: Permit issued

If you application is approved, we issue the permit.

Step 4: Final inspection and bond refund

At the end of the works and following an inspection, we'll refund your bond in full if there is no damage to Council assets.

Complete our Request for final inspection and refund form to receive your refund via electronic fund transfer. This form was also included with your approved Asset Protection Permit.

Permit conditions

An Asset Protection Permit is issued for 12 months. Extensions can be granted, subject to an assessment by an asset protection officer. The permit expires if the building works do not commence within 12 months of the permit being issued.

Council assets can be reinstated to our specifications by an experienced contractor under our supervision. Before carrying out any reinstatement work, you or your contractor must obtain the appropriate permits from Council.

If the security bond is less than the cost of repair, we may recover the additional cost of the repair from the owner as a debt.

After completing the building works, you need to request a final inspection and refund form. We'll then carry out a final inspection of the public infrastructure assets. If we are satisfied that no damage has occurred or that damage has been repaired or restored to our satisfaction, we'll refund the security bond to the person who lodged it.

For more information, contact the Works Permits team on 9278 4505 or email Asset Protection.

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