We encourage cat owners to keep their cat on their property, particularly between dusk and dawn. About 80% of accidents with cats occur at night. This is also when they are most likely to hunt native wildlife.

If a neighbourhood cat is regularly coming on to your property and causing a nuisance, and you know who owns it, speak to the owner to resolve the situation.

If you can't resolve the situation with the owner, you can hire one of our cat traps. We will collect the trapped cat.

If the problem continues and you agree to provide us with your address, we can issue the owner with a Notice of Objection to the presence of that cat on private property. This will notify the owner of the address of where the cat had trespassed. If it happens again, we can issue an infringement notice to the owner.

Stray and semi owned cats

Stray and semi-owned cats have a serious impact on local wildlife. In some cases they have caused the extinction of native ground-dwelling birds and small to medium-sized mammals.

The stray cat population is growing, helped by people feeding unowned cats. Feeding stray cats but not taking ownership or responsibility for them (including desexing) increases the problem.

Our Animal Management Officers can set traps to collect stray cats. This helps to control breeding numbers and to protect local native animals.

You can support stray cats by taking ownership and arranging for them to be desexed, or contacting us to have the cat taken to the RSPCA.

Hire a cat trap

Cat traps can be hired from our Camberwell offices for up to 2 weeks.

Hiring a trap costs $54, with a refundable deposit of $151.50. The hire and deposit fee of $205.50 needs to be paid upfront. After 2 weeks, the additional fee per day is $26.95.

Our traps work by attracting the cat into the trap with food at the other end of the trap. The cat then walks into the trap willingly. Once the cat is inside, the trap will activate the latch to close.

When the cat is in the closed trap, contact us on (03) 9278 4444 and a Council officer will collect the cat.

Please note: we are unable to collect cats on weekends or public holidays.

We'll do our best to reunite the cat with its owner, otherwise we'll take it to the RSPCA.

More information

For the location and hours of our Camberwell offices visit our Contact us page.

Learn about finding a lost pet on the RSPCA website.