Every day people are coming together to improve their health and wellbeing, make a contribution to the community, make new friends or simply get out and about.

Explore our directory of activities and resources to find something of interest to you, or start with our categories below.

Spark your creativity

Exercising the creative part of your brain is shown to have benefits for your health and wellbeing. Picking up a paintbrush or a ukulele can work wonders for your cognitive health and mood.

Watch Alan talk about his passion to paint and to teach others on YouTube.

Add creativity to your years. Join a music group, book club or one of the many creative activities and courses at your local neighbourhood house, community centre or University of the Third Age.

To spark your creativity, check out all the arts, crafts, music and writing on offer in our directory.

Activate your mind

Learning new things and keeping your brain active can reduce the rate of cognitive decline as you age, and it can be a lot of fun.

Watch Susie talk about the joy she has found from learning at the University of the Third Age (U3A) on YouTube.

Add knowledge to your years. Join a learning activity, event, workshop or training at one of our libraries. Consider the University of the Third Age which offers courses, discussion groups and lectures on a wide range of subjects including history, maths, science, philosophy, cultures of the world, languages, technology, and arts appreciation.

Browse our directory to find activities and courses that will activate your mind.

Be fit and active

Getting regular exercise as we age is important. Exercise reduces the risk of many health conditions.  It can give us energy, help us maintain a positive mood and keep us strong.

The Department of Health recommends that older people aim for 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise, such as a brisk walk, on most days.

Be inspired by watching Bill who is a fitness instructor at the young age of 90, on YouTube.

Add fitness to your years. Take a fitness or yoga class, swim in a pool, ride a bike, join a walking group, take up a new sport like bowls or bocce, or learn tai chi. Whatever your age, interest and ability, there is something that will suit you. Use our directory and get active.

Become savvy with technology

Technology can be a wonderful way to stay in touch with others, especially friends and family who live interstate or overseas. It can help make your life easier in many ways, such as by paying your bills or doing your grocery shopping online.

Using technology might be a bit daunting at first but there are many programs and resources that can help you. This includes learning to be safe online.

If you don't have a computer, you can use one at any of our libraries.

Add technology to your years. Search our directory for activities, classes and resources to help you upskill.

Get out and about

There is a lot on offer in Boroondara to tempt you out of the house and connect you with your community and with our natural environment.

Add experiences to your years. Search for markets, parks and gardens, arts and cultural events, and festivals in our directory.

Strengthen your social life

Having a strong social life in older age slows down the brain's ageing process. It makes us happier, less lonely and more fulfilled.

Watch Yen talk about how much she loves being involved in her community on YouTube.

There are lots of ways to improve your social life. Volunteering, joining a club like Probus or Rotary, and being involved in a community garden or your local men's shed, are all ways of meeting people and connecting with your community. The City of Boroondara has over 40 social clubs and groups with a focus on active ageing. 

Add friends to your years. Explore our directory for social clubs and groups near you.

Bring all the action home

Spending time at home doesn't mean missing out. You can still exercise, be social, connect with nature, and learn new things. 

Using technology, you can join an exercise class, do a course, connect with a social group, or explore an art gallery. You can read books online or our Home library service will bring books to you.

Add life at home. Discover ways to stay active and connected with others without leaving your house by using our directory.

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