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Wed 10 October 2018
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Susie, the Secretary of U3A, Deepdene, shares her love of learning and staying active. 

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[music plays, we see older people doing exercises in a hall, reading together in classrooms, playing recorders in a music group. We hear a woman speaking.]

The University of the Third Age is an international organisation, but it's run in a particular sort of geographical group. It provides an opportunity for people to learn about things that they probably were always interested in but never had the time to do so...

[The woman speaking is now shown sitting down and looking off screen to an unseen interviewer. She is identified by text on the screen as "Susie, Secretary, U3A, Deepdene". She continues speaking while we see shots of students participating in different classes and activities.]

"...but it also provides a chance for some of us to lead groups, lecture 'cause everything within the U3A is volunteer run.

Being part of the U3A makes me feel energised. It makes me feel that my brain's active. It gives me a sense of community, a sense of real enjoyment in the people around me. I just really feel like I'm learning.

We need to provide opportunities that excite people and keep them involved, and while you're participating in things like this yoga class behind us, etcetera, you're more likely to be able to live a full and satisfying life.

Some of the groups that we have are walking groups. So there's different levels of walking  group. There's the hearty walkers, and there's the regular walkers. There's a lunch group, meets maybe every second week. There's a film group. People go to Morning Melodies in at the arts centre.

There are other great things too. There's tai chi. There's table tennis. There's tennis. Then there's all the language groups. There's Spanish, I think Russian, Chinese, French, heaps to choose from. If you're already fairly interested in connecting with people, you might make the move yourself to come and join if you read a notice or see some pictures.

If you're more socially isolated, unless somebody invites you, it's often difficult to make that move, so we're really looking at ways at the moment that we can, we get access to and encourage people who are lonely, socially isolated to come and be part of this U3A or a U3A so that they can address some of those issues of loneliness.

Make a call to the number that's advertised, and you'll be welcomed."


"If you're keen to stay healthy and happy like Susie, you can find great activities, support services, and other useful information by clicking Find Learning Activities at the bottom of this page."

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