What are Changing Places? 

Changing Places facilities are larger than standard accessible toilets. They have extra features and more space to meet the requirements of people with disability and their carers. 

These facilities have: 

  • a height-adjustable adult-sized change bench
  • a tracking hoist system
  • space for 2 people on either side of a peninsula toilet
  • an automatic door with a clear opening of 950 mm (at a minimum) 
  • a privacy screen.

Where can you find Changing Places in Boroondara? 

We have 2 Changing Places facilities in Boroondara:

  • Near the Victoria Park Regional Playground within Victoria Park. The closest access is via Adeney Avenue near Campbell Street. 
  • 127 Union Road, Surrey Hills.

To learn more about Changing Places and their locations, visit the Changing Places website.

How can you use Changing Places?

To use a Changing Places facility, you will need a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK). A MLAK fits into specially designed locks allowing 24-hour-a-day access to special facilities.

A MLAK works across Australia to open facilities fitted with this lock. For example, a Changing Places facility or a Liberty Swing.

How to get a MLAK

You can order a MLAK from the Master Locksmith Association of Australasia website. They usually cost $25, but are free for people with disability who hold a Companion Card.

People who can buy a MLAK include:

  • people with disability 
  • people with written authority from a doctor, disability organisation, community health centre or the manager of a building with an accessible toilet
  • carers
  • support workers
  • managers of a Changing Places facility. 

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