Boroondara Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2024–2028

About our plan

The Boroondara Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2024–28 is our sixth disability action plan. It shows our commitment to making Boroondara more inclusive and accessible for people with disability. It builds on the achievements of our previous plans and recognises that improving disability access and inclusion is an ongoing journey.

Our vision: An inclusive and accessible Boroondara where people with disability participate in community life, have equal opportunities and feel proud of who they are.

Our plan’s purpose is to continue to promote equality and to reduce, remove and prevent external barriers for people with disability. Our plan is guided by the following principles that are informed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Disability is a natural aspect of human diversity.
  • Everyone has equal access, rights and opportunities.
  • People with disability are free to make their own choices and be respected for who they are.
  • People with disability are experts in their own lives and need to be involved in decision-making that impacts them.
  • People with disability have the right to be included in society as anybody else.
  • Barriers to disability inclusion can be impacted by intersectionality. Intersectionality is when different aspects of a person’s identity such as disability, race, class, gender, and sexual identity can compound discrimination and disadvantage.

Our plan makes sure that we are meeting our requirements under the Victorian Disability Act 2006 to develop a disability action plan. It will also guide our efforts to improve Boroondara for people with disability. 

Thank you

We want to thank everyone who shared their experiences and helped us create this plan. We especially want to thank the people with disability, their families and carers who helped us make this plan. We appreciate your time, expertise and ideas. We also want to thank the Boroondara Community Disability Advisory Committee members for their support, advice and guidance.

For any questions or feedback about our plan, you can contact our Social Inclusion Policy and Project Officer, Disability Access and Inclusion on (03) 9278 4017 or [email protected]

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