Find an off-lead park near you

Boroondara has many areas where you can take your dog for a run off lead. Remember that these are shared spaces and check the rules below.

    Off-lead dog park rules 

    To use these off-leash parks, you must:

    • carry a leash at all times
    • not allow your dog to worry or threaten any person or animal
    • bring your dog under your control immediately if it threatens any person or animal
    • keep your dog at least 30m away from in-use barbecues or picnic areas, public meetings or sporting events, including matches or organised training
    • not allow your dog within a playground and keep it on a lead within 10m of the perimeter of a playground
    • pick up after your dog and place it in a bin (you can be fined if you don't clean up after your pet).

    The above is part of Section 26(2) of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, which requires owners to keep their dogs under effective control. 

      Exception to off-leash areas

      Certain dog breeds cannot be off-leash. For example:

      For a fully-fenced area that allows open running for Greyhounds, visit Manningham Council Greyhound Slip Track

      For the latest information, visit: Legal requirements for dog owners

      Using a shared space

      Everyone who uses a shared space is responsible for the safety of those around them. For example:

      • Dog owners need to have their dog under effective control. See dog park rules and exception to off-leash areas
      • Bike riders need to travel at a speed and in a manner that enables them to avoid people and animals.
      • Pedestrians need to be mindful of activities around them.
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