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Council has closed some facilities and cancelled all events until 14 April. Learn which services have been affected.

Add life at home

Discover ways to stay active and connected with others without leaving your house.

Exercise at home

An easy and fun way to exercise at home is to buy an exercise DVD or borrow one from the library. If you're handy with a computer you can also find a heap of free videos available online. You will find there are plenty of classes for all abilities, including ones especially designed for seniors or particular conditions such as arthritis.

Gardening can be a great form of exercise that works on your strength, balance and mobility, and has the added benefit of getting you out in the fresh air. If you don't have your own garden you could join a community garden.

There are also simple strength, stretch and balance exercises you can do while boiling the kettle or watching the TV. For some ideas, see the exercises on the second page of Australian Department of Health's Physical Activity Guidelines Tips and Ideas for Older Australians (65 years and older) (PDF 607 KB)

Just keeping generally active by walking around your house or yard or taking the bins out - it all adds up to the 30 minutes of physical activity recommended per day.

Socialising at home

Staying in touch with others is important for your cognitive, emotional and general health. If friends and family live a long way away, there are a number of aged care providers and community groups who organise volunteers to make social calls or visits. Find out more about Social support services.

Having a pet

Pets are wonderful companions. Looking after a pet has been shown to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and just generally make us feel good. If you need help looking after your pet, there are services that can provide support, such as organising volunteers to take your dog for a walk.

Help at home

If you want to continue living at home but are finding it hard to keep up with the housework, cooking, shopping, personal care or home maintenance, you may be eligible for subsidised aged care services. Find out more about getting Help at home.

Being creative at home

Learning a new hobby or taking up an old one is a fantastic way to keep your brain engaged and relieve stress. Painting, knitting, photography, woodwork, furniture restoration - there are so many options you are sure to find something to interest you.

Learning at home

You can take advantage of our Home library service to have books delivered to you in your home by a volunteer.

Puzzles like crosswords, sudokus, target words or trivia are great to keep your mind active. You can find these in the paper, buy them as books and magazines, or access them free online, such as on the Seniors Online website.

If you'd like to build your confidence with using technology, there are free online courses provided by the government especially for older adults. Find out more at our Add technology to your years page.

Online courses and language learning

Take some time to learn something new or advance the skills you already have with a range of online learning opportunities available to you, for free, with your Boroondara Library Service membership. If you don't have a library card you can join online.

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Discover a world of reading online

There are many ways you can keep reading from home with your library card. You can download thousands of eBooks and audio books and read current copies and back issues of your favourite magazines and newspapers from around the globe.

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