Learning new things and keeping your brain active will not only reduce the rate of cognitive decline as you age, it can be a lot of fun!

The brain is like a muscle that needs regular use to stay in top condition. While something as challenging as learning a new language will certainly give your brain a work out, even simple things like a regular game of cards or solving a crossword every day can help to keep your mind in good shape.


Our 6 libraries offer free access to thousands of books, and lots of reading ideas and inspiration. They also run regular events, activities, workshops and training.

We also offer a home library service for residents who have difficulty getting to the library due to age, frailty or disability. Volunteers help you select the books, audio books, DVDs and music you'd like to borrow, deliver them to you and then return them for you.

Find out more about our home library service.

Neighbourhood houses and community centres

There are 11 neighbourhood houses and community centres in Boroondara. These community spaces bring people together to connect, learn and contribute in their local community. 

University of the Third Age

University of the Third Age, also known as U3A, focuses on the education and stimulation of semi-retired and retired members of the community. The syllabus is broad and the annual subscription cost is low, as all teaching and administration is provided by members on a voluntary basis.

The 2 U3As in Boroondara, Deepdene and Hawthorn, offer courses, discussion groups and lectures on a wide range of subjects including history, maths, science, philosophy, cultures of the world, languages, technology, arts appreciation and much more.

U3A Hawthorn also runs activities at Frog Hollow Reserve in Camberwell. Visit the Hawthorn U3A website to learn more.

Find something to suit you

Because there are so many ways to keep your brain engaged and active in Boroondara, we've created a searchable directory to make it easier to find something that suits you.

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Activate your mind

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