Ensuring we get regular exercise as we age is so important. Not only does exercise reduce the risk of many health conditions, it can give us energy, help us maintain a positive mood and keep us limber.

To find out more about the connection between exercise and health, see our Health information section.

It's recommended that older people aim for 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise, such as a brisk walk, on most days.

Gyms and pools

Studies show that exercise provides many health benefits for older adults. It doesn’t take much. Even light or moderate exercise and physical activity can improve your health. See our leisure centres and pool pages for ideas on how to get out and active today.

Cycling and walking

Cycling and walking are great ways to improve or maintain your overall health. You can go your own way or take advantage of the many local groups, maps and trails.

Cycling and walking groups offer different levels of intensity, length, location and cost.

Find a local cycling group or walking group to join.

Find a local bike or walking path.

Outdoor exercise equipment

Outdoor exercise equipment are all-weather exercise machines placed in parks or along shared paths.

The equipment is easy to use with signage and instructions to tell you what to do.

You'll find outdoor exercise equipment at Koonung Creek Reserve, Balwyn Evergreen Centre and H A Smith Reserve.

Exercise classes and sports clubs

Looking to work on your posture and balance while relieving stress? Maybe a yoga or tai chi class is for you. Want to improve your strength? There are many classes to choose from. Maybe golf is more your speed or tennis, lawn bowls, bocce or croquet? 

Click the 'find physical activities' button below to see what's on offer.

Find something to suit you

Because there are so many physical activities to choose from in Boroondara, we've created a searchable directory to make it easier to find something that suits you.

Click the 'find physical activities' button below to see what's on offer.

Get moving

Take an exercise class, play some sport, join a walking group.

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