Some of our services are impacted due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccine

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will help protect you and your community. It’s safe, free and voluntary.

To find out when it’s your turn and to book your appointment: 

The COVID-19 vaccination is not currently available through council immunisation programs.

Our role during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic 

Local government performs an important role in Victoria’s emergency management arrangements. We have access to specialised local knowledge and we are in the best position to help our communities prepare for, respond to and recover from emergency situations. 

We are planning and activating a number of relief and recovery efforts in line with both our Municipal Emergency Management Plan and Pandemic Plan to help our community.

We have convened a skilled team who lead our response to the 4 areas of municipal service delivery outlined in the Pandemic Plan.

The 4 areas of municipal service delivery are: 

  • Community support and recovery
  • Public health
  • Business continuity
  • Local essential services..

COVID-19 exposure sites

An up-to-date list of exposure sites is provided by the Victorian Government.

COVID-19 case numbers

Up-to-date case numbers in Boroondara are provided by the Department of Health.

Testing locations

An up-to-date list of testing locations is provided by the Victorian Government.

Stopping the spread

Information about stopping the spread is provided by the Victorian Government.

COVID-19 information in your language

For COVID-19 information in your language, visit the Victorian Government website

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