All businesses and community groups that sell food in Victoria come under the Victorian Government's classification system, which is based on the level of food safety risk. This is part of the Food Act 1984.

Before you can sell food, you must:

  1. Identify which class your temporary or permanent food premises is under using the Victorian Government's food business classification tool.
  2. Follow the safety regulations and requirements for that classification, regardless of the type of food business or premises.

Classes range from Class 1 for premises such as hospitals, childcare centres and aged care facilities for vulnerable groups, to Class 4 for low-risk food handling activities such as selling prepackaged confectionery or simple prepackaged cakes at a community event.

The classification system aims to reduce compliance costs for businesses and community groups that sell food by considering the different levels of risk of different food business activities.

The Department of Health website has classification examples and scenarios to help you understand which class your business or activity falls under.

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