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  • Temporary or mobile food businesses are classified as class 2, 3 or 4 food premises.
  • Class 2 and 3 premises must be registered through Council, and renewed each year.
  • Class 4 premises need to notify Council before they start trading.
  • You can register your mobile or temporary food premises online through Streatrader.
  • You must let Council know where and when you plan to trade by lodging a Statement of Trade.

Temporary food businesses are temporary stalls or tents that sell food, such as at a market or festival. They can be any structure not permanently fixed to a site.

Mobile food premises are vehicles such as vans, trucks, trailers or carts that sell food.

Private drinking water carts, food vending machines, sausage sizzles and cake stalls are also considered temporary or mobile food operators.

To legally operate a temporary or mobile food business in Victoria you must:

  • register your business with Council to be able to operate in Victoria, and
  • lodge a statement of trade each time you operate to let all relevant councils know where and when you will be trading in their area.

Food business classes

When you register your mobile or temporary food premises, your business is classified into one of 3 classes as set out in the Food Act. Each class has food safety requirements based on the food safety risks of the highest risk food handling activity:

  • Class 2: temporary and mobile food premises handling unpackaged potentially hazardous foods that need correct temperature control during the food handling process, for example, food that is cooked, refrigerated and reheated.
  • Class 3: food vending machines selling prepackaged high-risk foods, such as sandwiches, or unpackaged low-risk food, such as tea and coffee.
  • Class 4: serving low-risk food such as sausage sizzles that offer bread, onion and sauce (no cheese or other foods), stalls selling packaged cakes or wine tasting events.

The Department of Health and Human Services has more information to help you understand food business classification.

Step 1: Register using FoodTrader

Class 2 and 3 temporary and mobile food businesses

You can register your class 2 or class 3 temporary or mobile food business online using the Victorian Government's FoodTrader website.

Not-for-profit and community groups don't pay a fee to register through Streatrader.

  1. Go to the FoodTrader website.
  2. You'll need to create an account with FoodTrader to access the forms and lodge your application.
  3. When you lodge your application, FoodTrader:
  • identifies your principal Council
  • classifies your food premises
  • advises whether you need to register with Council (class 2 and 3) or notify Council (class 4).


Class 4 temporary and mobile food businesses

If you run a Class 4 premises, you only need to notify Council in writing.

The Department of Health and Human Services has more information, advice and assistance for community groups organising food fundraisers.

We strongly recommend that food handlers complete the Do Food Safely free online food handling training program.

Step 2: Lodge a Statement of Trade

Once you have completed your application online with Streatrader and it is approved by Council, you need to lodge a Statement of Trade to let the relevant Councils know when and where you will be operating.

You can lodge a Statement of Trade through FoodTrader. There is no fee to lodge a Statement of Trade.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 9278 4444.


  • You need to lodge a Statement of Trade at least 5 days before trading.
  • You don't need to lodge a Statement of Trade if you're catering at an event that is not open to the public, such as a wedding or work function.

Permit for use of public land

There are guidelines for the use of roads, footpaths and other public spaces for fundraising activities, which you can see on our Apply for a Fundraising Permit page.

You may also need to apply for a permit for the use of Council land if you are operating your mobile or temporary food premise on the side of the road. For this you will need to fill out our Application to occupy council controlled land form available in the downloads section on this page.

For more information, email our Council Land and Amenity Permits team at [email protected] or call us on (03) 9278 4444.

Download our Application to occupy council controlled land form

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