The Australian Government will invest $368 million towards Commuter Car Parks (CCP) across Melbourne as part of their Urban Congestion Fund to  encourage greater community use of public transport.

Allowing more people to park and ride will help to reduce congestion on roads and ensure commuters get home sooner and safer.

Car park locations

Four suburbs have been identified within Boroondara for potential CCP investment. These include Hawthorn, Camberwell, Canterbury and Surrey Hills. 

While the Federal Government is in discussions with the State Government regarding parking at Surrey Hills, we have been allocated funding to conduct further feasibility assessments in Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury.

Possible CCP site locations being investigated within each suburb have recently been identified and include:


  • Existing Junction West multi-level carpark 
    Address - 24 Camberwell Grove, Hawthorn East, VIC 3123
    (Located west of Camberwell Shopping precinct)
  • Existing Harold Street carpark 
    Address - 70-76 Harold Street, Hawthorn East, VIC 3123
    (Located north-west of Camberwell Shopping precinct)
An aerial photos highlighting the carparks in Camberwell that are part of the Boroondara Commuter Car Park projects


  • Existing Wattle Valley Road carpark  - Proposed underground car park
    Address - 3 Wattle Valley Road, Canterbury, VIC 3126
  • Existing Bryson Street carpark  - Proposed underground car park
    Address - 8A Bryson Street, Canterbury, VIC 3126
  • Existing Canterbury Train Station carpark 
    Address - Railway Place, Canterbury, VIC 3126
    Note: This location is not a Council-owned asset and investigation works for this site have been undertaken by the State Government directly.
An aerial photos highlighting the carparks in Canterbury that are part of the Boroondara Commuter Car Park project


  • Glenferrie Oval - Proposed underground multi-level car park
    Address - 1 Grace Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122
  • Liddiard Street Carpark - Proposed aboveground multi-level car park
    Address - 4 Liddiard Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122
  • Wakefield Street Carpark - Proposed aboveground multi-level car park
    Address - 1 Wakefield Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122
An aerial photos highlighting the carparks in Hawthorn that are part of the Boroondara Commuter Car Park projects

Feasibility works 

A budget of $750,000 has been initially allocated per suburb to conduct further feasibility assessments on the identified locations. 
This funding will support resourcing, community consultation, and the investigations works required to determine the viability of each project and possible location.

From late July 2021, a number of activities will take place including:

  • analysis and feasibility of current traffic and parking activity
  • soil testing and geotechnical investigations
  • land surveying
  • assessment of existing trees on potential sites
  • exploration of existing underground services
  • cultural heritage assessments.

Findings from these feasibility works will help to determine which site location is most appropriate to meet the construction requirements for a CCP in each suburb. 

Community consultation 

Interacting, working and engaging with the community will be a vital component in the development and successful delivery of these projects.  

Extensive community engagement and consultation will take place for each suburb from mid-to-late 2021, to ensure community feedback is both considered and incorporated into the development of these proposed projects.

Further timelines for possible construction will be provided if and when each project is deemed viable.

Key benefits

Commuter car parks can deliver a number of benefits to the surrounding community, including:

  • increased access to car parking
  • reduced traffic congestion on Boroondara roads leading into Melbourne’s CBD
  • improved economic and trading conditions for surrounding shopping, retail and hospitality businesses, with use of these facilities available outside of peak commuter periods for shoppers and visitors.
  • reduced parking pressure and impact on surrounding residential streets near railway stations
  • reduced travel time for commuters
  • improved parking safety and surveillance.
  • increased supply of disabled parking at the transport interchange.
  • no loss of parking with restricted parking in the development of sites 

More information

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