What is a community event?

A social gathering or activity which encourage communities to come together in celebration. These include:

  • A festival, fair, show, open day or market
  • Significant celebration
  • Arts or cultural performance
  • Support of a cause or annual celebration (for example, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Diwali, Hanukkah, NAIDOC)

Community events are a fantastic way to bring people together to celebrate common causes, raise awareness about local issues, provide opportunities for social connection and increase community participation. 

The important role of events

The direct and indirect impact events have on communities are important in several ways:

  • They provide opportunities for participation, volunteering and encourage involvement for all ages. 
  • They provide social, cultural, economic and environmental development across the municipality. 
  • They are an important way to create social connection, establish and maintain strong support networks, and provide a place where people can meet with old and new friends alike. 
  • They raise the profile of different groups or communities.
  • They provide opportunities to share and learn about different cultures and traditions.

COVIDSafe events

Visit the Victorian Government COVID website for the latest information about COVIDSafe event requirements.