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Event Day Management 

To ensure the event runs smoothly on the day, all involved should have a clear indication of their roles and responsibilities. To do this, the group can hold a briefing meeting and provide an event run sheet, site map, emergency plan, list of event staff and their allocated roles.   

The following should be considered for your event day: 

  • Ensure items are prepared for the day. This may include signs, first aid kit and radios.
  • Allocate individuals the responsibility of taking photographs or video of the event, which can be circulated and used for promotions after the event.
  • If the event is outdoors, consider purchasing bins from local discount retailers to encourage people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. To find out more about sustainability principles for greener events, visit step 7 of Organise an event Council land, Plan for Responsible Waste Management.
  • Think about the end of the event and plan early. Will the group have a lot of things to pack up and take from the venue? Who will be able to assist with that? Who is responsible for removing the rubbish, and how will that be managed?


Ask key members or staff to monitor the overall event. Ask them to provide feedback during the event whether there’s anything that could be improved upon:

  • If they’re sitting at the back of the room, is the audio too loud or soft?
  • Are the bathrooms clean or do they need attention?
  • Are there enough tea bags at the beverage station?

It helps to keep track of all the minute details which organisers may overlook on event day. If a feedback form has been created, consider distributing these on chairs or in a prominent location. The feedback form can include the following questions:

  • What did you like about the event?
  • What can we improve on next time?
  • Where did you hear about the event?

See our sample feedback form.

Analyse the event while it is in progress and absorb the event’s atmosphere. Event day goes by swiftly, particularly for organisers, therefore it is important to reflect upon and acknowledge all the hard work which been invested leading up to the event.


Evaluation of the event, including post event tasks, are important as it helps assess the event once it is finished. Below are suggestions to help review the event:

  • Sit and debrief with the organising committee – what went well, what could have been better, and learnings for the next event.
  • Send thank you notes to all those who helped make it a success.
  • Pay final invoices and balance the budget.
  • Write a report or summary of the event – while the event is still at the forefront of mind, it will help capture key elements, including what worked and what didn’t.
  • Share photos and outcomes of the event through communication channels including email, local media outlets and social media. Not only is this a great way to engage those who could not attend the event, it helps to reinforce the messages communicated on event day.