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There were around 84,700 jobs (67,650 full-time equivalent jobs) and around 26,000 registered businesses in the City of Boroondara in 2022 (data source: Informed Decisions City of Boroondara economic profile).

Relative to Greater Melbourne, Boroondara has particularly high concentrations of jobs in professional, scientific and technical services as well as in education and training. 

At the 2021 Census, around 30% of the people who worked in Boroondara also lived in Boroondara.

The next most commonly reported places of residence were neighbouring local government areas further out from the central business district such as Whitehorse, Manningham and Monash (data source: Informed Decisions City of Boroondara community profile)

Conversely, around 70% of employed Boroondara residents commuted outside the municipality for work (data source: Informed Decisions City of Boroondara community profile). This rate may change with the shift to more remote working.  

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Find out more about our economic profile by looking at data from multiple sources on the Informed Decisions website.

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